From SCADA data gathering to advanced and pro-active asset management - manage and analyse historical turbine data to optimise your wind turbine operations

Analyse and understand the meaning of historical turbine data and external 3rd party measurement data is the key for taking the right decisions in efficient wind farm operations. Create transparency, operate your assets optimally, improve performance and extend wind turbine life time are the challenges the operators face today.

This event will help you to:

  • Acquire and evaluate required data for efficient long term strategies
  • Learn how to harmonise SCADA data with CMS and LiDAR
  • Prioritize data sets to turn big data into ROI
  • Explore digital infrastructure to collect, visualize and analyse data
  • Hear about data analytic tools to reduce component failures
  • Highlight cyber security and interfaces
  • Utilise SCADA data for system service

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